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New Community Chairs: Dr. Sarah Geber and Dr. Lea Stahel

New Community Chairs: Dr. Sarah Geber and Dr. Lea Stahel Article Image

16. November 2021

We are happy to announce that Dr. Sarah Geber and Dr. Lea Stahel were elected as the new community Chairs.

While having different scientific backgrounds, in sociology/psychology and communication science, they share the interest in studying communicative challenges in our digital society. In doing so, they are convinced that interdisciplinarity is a prerequisite for understanding the complex phenomena involved. They pursue three goals as chairs for the community. First, by providing a platform for exchange about research interests, ideas, and projects, Sarah and Lea aim to facilitate cooperation among the community members, across disciplines and faculties. Expanding on the idea of interdisciplinary collaboration. Second, they seek to increase the exchange with other DSI communities to collaborate on topics lying at the intersection of different communities. Third, they aim to provide a platform for knowledge building, especially regarding methods and tools that are needed to understand the digitalization of our communication and information environment from different disciplinary angles.

Please find more information about Lea and Sarah and their work on our community website:

Lea Stahel:

Sarah Geber: